Larry Leighton

Larry Leighton in Morocco, 2011

My dear husband Larry Leighton, passed away on 3rd October 2019. He had been suffering from Parkinson / P.S.P. since 2014 and died at home surrounded by friends and myself.

Larry accepted his illness with courage and dignity and kept his love, the sparkle in his eyes and his humour right to the end. He is helping The Golden Fleece Trading Company from the other side.

Juliette Leighton

Tribute to Larry in the Stroud News & Journal

Press tribute to Larry Leighton

Journeys of a Lifetime

Larry and Juliette organised several group journeys to Morocco over the years, their wish being to bring together a process of personal development and the adventure of travel.

They took groups deeper into Moroccan life than ‘normal’ tourism, tasting more of the colour, vibrance and spice that the Moroccan people emanate and resound into their environment. Their aim was to give each participant the opportunity to dip ‘under the skin’ of what they met, and have sufficient space to breathe it in and digest it.