Below you will find information about most of the craftspeople we work with in Morocco and whom we have known for many years.

Buying directly from them and engaging in fairtrade principles is the essential ethos of Golden Fleece Trading Company.

Establishing human relationships of trust,  respect, loyalty and integrity is fundamental to the way we have worked since the beginning.


Bab Ma'alem means Gateway to the master

Doorway to the Master Craftspeople


Chair maker

Hassan is in his 60s and works together with his brother and his son. They work with green willow and oleander, no machine, all hand tools. They make chairs, stools and other pieces of furniture. Seagrass is woven very tightly and strongly around the frame.


Mirror maker

Mihloud is in his 70s and works with his nephew. He hand cuts metal frames quickly and is very precise with his stippling. He creates exceptional shapes, having been a craftsman for most of his life.

Moulay Hafid

Maker of Henna Lamps

Moulay Hafid is in his mid 60s and has been a craftsman since he was a teenager. He is very small, solid and has a raucus sense of humour.

He buys in the metal frames, then the lamps are hand crafted by his team of talented artisans. Goat skin is moulded around a wrought-iron frame and decorated with natural henna in the Berber fashion.

The patterns vary and the lamps are rarely identical.

Larry worked for several days with Moulay Hafid in his workshop to develop some practices. He also created different patterns of lamps.

Said Bleny

Zouak - painted furniture maker

Said Bleny and his 2 brothers come from 6 generations of master craftsmen making painted wooden furniture known as Zouak.

The patterns are intricately painted with delightful combinations of colours. They produce excellent, beautiful artistic work.


Leather worker

Youssef makes very beautiful leather bags and briefcases. He is a very reliable craftsman in his 40s. He is very quiet and has been a craftsman at least 20 years.


Leather worker

Ibrahim makes excellent hand sewn slippers. He is a quiet and modest man in his 50s and has worked with leather for at least 30 years.


Metal worker

Ogene is a little like an alchemist. His workshop is tiny, but what he produces under a spot lamp is real magic!

Ogene makes hand beaten sinks in brass and nickel silver.



Mehdi has a pottery in Safi and with his workers produces items of fine quality. Safi is a great centre for pottery in Morocco.

We continue to support these fine craftsmen and women in an appreciation of their culture, as they continue to create and export their fine crafts.